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When you are faced with a legal problem you want to know that your lawyer is going to take care of the problem. With 23 years of experience the Danforth Law Group wants to deliver peace of mind to its clients, whether the issue is divorce related, general civil litigation, municipal law or restoration of firearm rights the Danforth Law Group will work tirelessly to deliver the results you need.

When ships experience a strong storm and rough seas close to land the ship’s captain relies on its anchor to hold the ship fast and save it from the perils of crashing upon the rocks. A ship’s anchor must be “Strong and Trustworthy” if the ship is to survive the perils of the storm. Likewise, you need legal representation that is also strong and trustworthy. When the storms of life bring a legal matter that threatens your safety and security, rely on the Danforth Law Group to be your anchor in the storm.

With 23 years of experience our desire is to bring you the results you need and give you peace of mind through the process. Whether it is negotiating a fair settlement or litigating your case in a court of law, you need to know that your attorney is knowledgeable, dedicated and able to get you through the storm.

Michael Danforth, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Michael Danforth, Attorney and Counselor at Law



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Divorce isn’t about winning. It’s about Win/Win.
— Michael Danforth

This is not as a cliché but a fact. It is our experience that 95% of all divorce cases settle without going to trial. This means that through the divorce process both parties have negotiated a settlement agreement that they believe is in the best interest of themselves and their children.


Areas of Practice

family law

Family-related issues can be complex and confusing, you need a skilled and qualified advocate to help you with life’s challenges during these difficult times. With our many years of experience, we can counsel you on your legal rights and options to help resolve your family disputes, including mediation. When you need an advocate to protect you, your children and your marital property we are there for you. We also consider not only your present need but your future needs when drafting prenuptial, postnuptial and marital settlement agreements.


Adopting a child is an important decision. Since this process can become complicated we will stand firm to make sure all the requirements are met so that your adoption will be successful with the best interest of you and your child in mind.

Parenting Time/Child Support

The Danforth Law Group understands how important it is for you to remain engaged in your child’s life. Our firm will establish child visitation – now called parenting time for both residential and non-residential parents. We can work to customize your parenting plan so that it will benefit you and your children. We can also make changes and modifications to a previous parenting plan or assist in establishing or modifying court orders for child support, extracurricular expense, healthcare and educational expenses.

Divorce Litigation

The Danforth Law Group will help you navigate the many aspects of the divorce process to gain your peace of mind. While most divorce cases reach an amicable settlement without the need of a trail, unfortunately some don’t! You need a skilled advocate who will not only work toward a settlement but who is skilled at litigating your case before the court if a settlement is not possible.  Whether you need help with spousal support, child support, child custody, parenting time with your child or even property division, we will stand with you to bridge the gap of communication needed to resolve conflicts when possible and come to an agreement or skillfully litigate your case if necessary.  Regardless, our goal is to successfully advocate for your future needs and the future needs of your children.

Divorce Mediation

Not all law firms are qualified to offer divorce mediation services.  The Danforth Law Group has received the necessary court required training to provide mediation services in your divorce case if ordered by the court.  All matters related to your children that cannot be resolve by agreement must be referred to a qualified divorce mediator to attempt to resolve the dispute.  We are accomplished and dedicated in providing these services if they become necessary.

Legal guardianship

Whether you need a guardianship of a child or an adult the Danforth Law Group is dedicated to helping you through the emotional process. We will help you understand the requirements needed to give peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

BUSINESS Litigation

Broken relationships don’t only just happen in families but in business matters as well.  Whether you are a victim of an unscrupulous contractor who took your money but did not provide you the services you were expecting or you find yourself in a conflict with a business, we are skilled at bringing these types of matters to a successful conclusion.


You can rely on the Danforth Law Group to be your anchor in the storm


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